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Where is the studio located?

-2672 N Hill Field Road Layton, Utah 84041

We are located next door to Sushi Burrito and across the street from Fiiz Drinks.

Click map below for directions. 


How big is the space?

-Roughly 950 square feet. 


Will there be someone at the studio to let us in?

-No, you will receive an access code through email. 


What is the minimum amount of time that i can book?

-One hour.


May i book a 1.5 hour session?

-Yes! You may now book a 1.5 or 2.5 hour session. :) 


At what times may i start my session?

-You may begin your session at the top of the hour or at the half mark. ​


Which direction do the windows face?

-We have five windows that all run floor to ceiling. One faces north and 4 face west. 


Does the space have a restroom?

-Yes. The space shares two single restrooms with Sushi Burrito. 


May i bring food into the studio?

-Yes, but you must clean up after yourselves. All trash must be placed into the trash can. 


May I move my session if need be?

-Yes, free of charge. Contact Abby for more info.


If my client cancels last minute may i get a refund?

-No refunds but we can move the time session to a different day. 


May i pay through Venmo?

-Yes, contact Abby for instructions before booking.


May i  bring my dog to the studio?

-Yes, pets are welcome in the space. We ask you to  sweep up (pet hair) the floors before you leave. 


Is parking free?